Who is Hogtor and Why is He Happy?

It’s time for a long overdue introduction.

Meet Hogtor the Hippo.

Who is Hogtor? And why is he Happy?

Hogtor is my beloved SpokesHippo. He goes with me on all my travels. He helps out at all my art fairs and gallery exhibitions, and most important of all, he is always Happy.

He’s always happy because...well...when you’re an adorable Hippo what reason do you have to NOT be happy!? ❤️🦛❤️

I love hippos, so naturally when starting my business I had to include a hippo somehow. So now that I had a SpokesHippo, I just needed a name....

But seriously, where did the name Happy Hogtor come from?

It’s a secret. I’ll give you one hint and then let you guess.

It’s an anagram.

The letters rearranged all spell something.

What do you think it spells?

If you guess correctly I’ll throw you a coupon code for 25% off anything in my gallery. Just send a reply with your answer before my next newsletter!

The next newsletter I send will reveal the answer and have a few new exclusive photos to share.

In the meantime please check out my fine art photography gallery.